The First Female Coach In NFL History (Lee Brandon Interview)

Thank you BoyGreen (twitter:  Thank you for your belief and reviewing the facts.  Very exciting interview and excited for the positive approach and message it sends!

The Jets Zone: NY Jets Press Interview

Boy Green did a special episode where he spoke with not only the first female coach in New York Jets history but also NFL history! Hear her compelling story exclusively here on The Jets Zone!

Hear the full interview with NY Jets and Lee Brandon

NY Times May 1990

Right to left: Coach Greg Robinson, Lee Brandon, 4 NY Jets players

lee-brandon-slider5Greg Robinson Letter of Recommendation 1990 Hofstra Coaching Staff verification NY Jets 1099 NY Jets 1990 O-Ling_ My responsibility 1990 article Old Bethpage Herold stating Lee Asst Strength Coach NY Jets NY Jets Manual for Coaching Staff 1990-1991


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