Reach your fitness goals through VIP Days or Workshops

  1. VIP Fitness Training Assessment and Protocol Development
  2. VIP Golf Assessment and Training Protocol (Long Driving Training optional)
  3. VIP Back Restore Program
This customized one day fitness make-over will revolutionize the way you approach your NEU-Life and reach your personal goals. Please go here to apply for one of our complimentary strategy sessions.

If you…

During our VIP day, the systematic step-by-step Patented Brandon Method will determine your current fitness level, along with a postural assessment, and a comprehensive biomechanics review.  At the end of the VIP day you will walk away with:

  1. A highly customized exercise protocol to fit your body type, fitness level, and goals.
  2. Complete review of our existing biomechanics and their effects on your physical performance and the potential contribution to injury
  3. Injury and pain prevention strategies designed to help do what you love – for longer.

The VIP programs are right for you if you worry that your muscles and body have stagnated or got injured. If your fitness routine is not pushing you forward you might be doing the wrong exercise, movement, or routine for your body type. Wrong movement or incorrect biomechanics can lead to disastrous consequences longterm, and push you further away from your goals.

You want a customized research based program that will strengthen, rejuvenate, stimulate your body to feel and look younger, and be pain free from an old or persistent injury. You want to regain the endurance to walk the golf course, or run your next marathon, or participate in a sports activity that brings you joy.

To apply for a complimentary Fitness Strategy Session please click here [/trx_column_item]

Lee Brandon showing spine alignment

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