What’s the purpose?  VIP Brandon Method Shaping Program includes the VIP assessment.  It determines the level of health-related fitness components (body composition, body morphology, flexibility, core muscular strength and endurance, and aerobic capacity).  This will provide us a great starting point to get you into a great shaping and toning program, no matter what your goals are.



What’s the purpose?  VIP Brandon Method H.I.T. Training Program (Max 3:  Bring 3 similar athletes with similar goals and bring your training to a whole other level!  (3 athletes at $70.00 ea. with Lee/  $125 with asst.))

You do the cardio, and I do the High Intensity Training circuit–if your into 1 set to failure, this is for you.

This Program is for:  Anyone on a budget, starting or currently within a general fitness program, looking for a High Intensity kick butt solution!

How do I sign up?

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