Brandon Method Professional Certification 

Learn about this exceptional program that teaches professionals how to:

 Correct form and educate ideal postural setup prior to loading

Identify postural and muscular imbalances

Strengthen poor coordination patterns before loading

  • Provide objective quantitative feedback to track patient/clients/athlete improvements
  • Repeatable duplicatable results for postural coordination and endurance testing
  • Individualize training progressions by identifying the client thresholds of postural endurance, functionality with a focus on form prior to complex movement
  • Addresses imbalances and strengthens weaknesses with simple biofeedback and corrective exercise progressions prior to loading
  • Identifies potential “cause and effect” patterns of kinetic chain dysfunction due to past trauma as well chronic injuries in relation to movement asymmetries inhibiting progression



Is this for you?

A Continuing educational program for CEU’s and accredited certificate for those looking to optimize their clients performance.

If you are a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Physical Therapist, Chiropractor, Athletic trainer, personal trainer looking for an edge in your market place, increased monetization opportunities, and a way to deliver “Pay for Performance” results faster, this workshop delivers.

Become a Certified Neutral Spine Performance Training Specialist (NSPT):

An Introduction to Brandon Method™ Spinal Triangulation® Techniques:  Prevention and Performance Mentorship/Training Program

Have you ever noticed that no matter how many cues you use to correct your client/patient alignment and movement technique, they simply don’t change? This is often due to old engrams, muscular imbalances, neurological challenges, and coordination issues.  So what can you do when you encounter these asymmetries from over use imbalances? The Brandon Method™ teaches Spinal Triangulation® progressions and Techniques that include immediate Core Biofeedback can improve and expedite your clients’/patients results.  The techniques, progressions and routines are designed to teach simple to complex static bracing 2D (laying) with biofeedback and with neutral spine support to 3D (standing, unsupported).  The Brandon Method™ highlights multiple tools for objectivity and feedback to deliver “Pay for Performance” results.

Dr. Stuart McGill’s educational materials are the course’s texts.


  1. CPR/ AED certification
  2. Existing proof of education, existing fitness certifications or college degree and proof of credentials
  3. Proof of Insurance
  4. 160 hours of Certification Requirements

Email strength@leebrandon.com with items above for consideration for class of 2016.

Maintaining NSPT Certificate and CEU’s:

After passing the test, your certification is valid for 2 years.  After that, to maintain your NSPT certificate, a fee of $250.00 plus 12 hours of continuing education is required.


Advantages of Maintaining NSPT Certificate:

1.  Your name and business will be listed on our website and referral program to experts.

2.  You will be allowed to use certificate logo’s on all print and electronic media to advertise your certificate.

3.  You will receive priority to key events and discounts off merchandise.


Approved CEU activities:

1.  Existing accredited fitness certification proof of existing credential and Insurance:    5 CEU’s

2.  Website/Blog article submission(s):  2 CEU/ Max 2

3.  Working at a LBI event as a coach, trainer, or doc:  4 CEU/ Min 2

4.  Shadow/ Mentor for a 8 hrs at Velocity Sports Performance with approved staff:  2 CEU

5.  CPR/ AED Certificate:  1 CEU

6.  Case Study: 3 CEU

7.  Fitness or Medically Published article:  3 CEU




Certified NSPT’s have to uphold the highest code of integrity and ethics.  Inappropriate behavior, high risk movements outside of the scope of the certification or harmful actions in any form are unacceptable.  On a case by case basis, LBI reserves the right to revoke the certification without notice.  If you have any questions or concerns regarding actions, marketing, or use of marks, please forward the documents to info@velocitylab.fit and we will review them for you.  Thanks for understanding.  Upholding this mark and the highest standards make this a mark of distinction.

Use of NSPT title, Logo’s and Marketing:

A quick summary to review and highlight our marketing and advertising rules and regulations.  There have been so many questions and concerns on how to personally use the NSPT certification and credentials that we feel we need to clearly identify our policy.

Here are the general rules for the NSPT certification:

  1. We certify people, not facilities or programs.
  2. The mark that you can use is NSPT certified either in all capitol letters or typed out “Neutral Spine Performance Training Specialist.”   We do not allow the use of the mark or use of the names”Lee Brandon”, “Dr. Stuart McGill.”
  3. You can use the NSPT certification on stationary, business cards, and other print material that you are affiliated with.

Here are some examples of allowed usage:

  1. John Doe, NSPT certified
  2. John Doe is a Certified Neutral Spine Performance Training Specialist, offering a class in…

Here are examples of what is NOT allowed:

  1. John Does Athletic program is a certified Neutral Spine Performance Training facility (we do not certify facilities)
  2. John Doe was trained by Lee Brandon under the direction of Dr. McGill, and is a Neu-Spine Specialist. (You can’t use any names or the certification title in part.)
  3. John Doe is McGill Certified (Dr. McGill Does not certify instructors, only LBI offers the certification.)
  4. John’s gym is now offering Neutral Spine Performance Training.  (You can not offer a program in this name.)


  1. You must personally track all your CEU’s for submission to maintain your mark.
  2. You will not be notified of renewal.
  3. If your certification lapses and you miss the deadline, you will have to take the certification again.




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