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Stress and Muscle Relief in 30 or 60′ sessions*

Based on ancient Chinese technique, backed by Clinical Studies**, and redesigned for the modern athlete, experience true muscle relief with our suite of Brandon method Protocols.

Contrary to what many think, Elite athletes from all around the world are using these tools now to stay ahead of their competition. Will you be left behind?

Adhesions are built up from muscle overuse or injuries. The techniques we specialize in releases these adhesions, restore fluidity to the kinetic chain and relieve muscle pain.

Clinically Proven Technique

WE use multiple techniques in our ADVANCED RECOVERY sessions.  One technique known as Gua Sha is a 2000-year-old Eastern medicine practice. By applying our tools against the skin, it releases adhesions underneath that are potentially causing pain and impingement, and dysfunction.

A clinical trial conducted by the University Duisburg-Essen, Germany, showed a 26% overall decrease in pain 7 days after applying the topical techniques. Other clinical trials conducted demonstrate a range of positive benefits, including anti-inflammatory effects and increased blood flow.

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