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Have you ever noticed that no matter how many cues you use to correct your client’s alignment and movement technique, they simply don’t change? This is often due to muscular imbalances, neurological challenges, and coordination issues. So what can you do when you encounter these performance deficits, poor form and inability to duplicate performance zones? New Techniques and the Scientific research for the rotational athlete and Performance Training, provide simple to complex progressions and highlight multiple training tools that can improve and expedite your clients’/patients motor learning and results. Learn about this exceptional program that teaches professionals how to:


  • Correct form and educate ideal postural setup prior to loading
  • Identify postural and muscular deficits in range of motion and imbalances
  • Strengthen poor coordination patterns before loading
  • Provide objective feedback to track clients improvements*
  • Provide incentives and motivation to clients and teams* by providing immediate objective feedback and objective screening for improvement documentation
  • Repeatable duplicatable results for postural endurance


 Objective: To provide a practical overview of the literature around objective core assessment, new and existing research, and provide a hands-on series of solutions. These would include: Potential screening tools that provide solutions to Postural awareness, Spine strength imbalances, Postural endurance protocols, form and technique of progressive functional value in a sequence of simple to complex protocols.

Course Overview: This workshop presents a series of hands-on and self-applied techniques in a small group setting (Max 150) for optimum learning.   This course will provide an outline highlighting:  strength endurance and coordination objective assessment, postural awareness techniques, and Stretching protocols with flexion and extension bias, rotational training and conditioning progressions (supported to unsupported).

Based on years of research and practical and applied knowledge of sport specific training and biomechanics the workshop teaches clear understanding of all forms of training from stable to an unstable series of progressions on a continuum for the rotational athlete.

Series is designed by Lee Brandon, CSCS, RSCC*E, and as an internationally renowned Strength and Conditioning Specialist and professional athlete Lee Brandon’s innovative and pioneering work in rotational performance has received international acclaim earning her the honor of being included in collaborative research with Dr. Stuart McGill and the New Science of Golf.


  Key points include:


  • Practical anatomy and literature review
  • Correct positioning before, during and after each movement
  • Objective screening and Self-assessment tests to determine progress and / or the need for specific movement
  • Proper coaching tips (memory hook) when giving instruction in the use of each movement
  • Tools to teach uncompromising form for simple supported to unsupported protocols.
  • Screening applications:  10 Point assessment at a glance
  • Guidance on simple to complex progressions going from supported, to closed chain supported progressions, to unsupported progressions.


Participants Receive: 8.0 Hour CE course.  A power point workbook and detailed outline will be provided via drop box link  Certificate provided for submission for CEU/ CEC’s if non NSCA attendee.