“Winning the long-drive title is great, but being alive to talk about it is even better.” ~Lee Brandon, Sports Illustrated, ”

“My shot” Article

My life has always been a long shot. Whether it was against all odds being hired in the NFL as the first female Assistant Strength coach for the NY JETs, or being a 4x Olympic Coach

I have been blessed to be a Two-Time World Long Drive Champion (RE/MAX World Long Drive Championship 2001, SafeWay Classic Womens International Long Drive Championship 2003). I have never followed the path of least resistance, but the real challenge is that I’m alive to enjoy all these moments. On Feb. 27, 1979, my heart stopped on the operating table, and my left arm was nearly Amputated at the elbow.

At the time I was a high school junior in Bay Shore, N.Y., Nationally ranked in the shot put and the discus and dreaming of qualifying for the Olympics. Following a varsity basketball game, I went to push open the locker-room door but instead fell through a small window. A glass shard sliced open the brachial artery at my elbow, and suddenly a pulse of my blood was blowing out ceiling tiles.

I was rushed to the hospital. Not only did the doctors restart my heart, but they also saved my arm. I was cut to the bone from my elbow to my shoulder, but the nerve somehow remained attached. After the arm was stitched back together, it would be seven years before I could feel all of my hand, and even then doctors told me that I would never regain its full use. I do believe in miracles. My whole life is one big one! I’m just happy to be here. Through strength training I proved the Doctors wrong. So whether you have obstacles or challenges that are in front of you today, I am here to tell you “YOU CAN DO IT.”

In Strength,

Lee Brandon, CSCS, RSCC*E


PS.  In 1990-1991 seasons I was hired by NY JETS as the first female Asst. strength and conditioning coach in the NFL. YOU HAVE TO GO WAY BACK AND RESEARCH  MICROFILM, but I found a few : NY Times  arts, my old 1099….I know it was Long before cell phones, and we all read news papers….but I had the honor of being blessed to work with some of the greatest coaches still working/ coaching …Greg Robinson, Pete Carolle, Bruce Coslet , etc.   I’ve been waiting 30 years to see this miraculous shift in paradigm making it about doing our job and not about gender!  I am sooo proud. @leebrandoninc. http://Leebrandon.com”